The Attorneys at Porter Powers Have the Experience, Skill, and Expertise to Handle All of Your Business Litigation Needs. Our Attorneys Can Assist You in Appellate, Business/Commercial Litigation, Civil, and Insurance Litigation.

Legal Services for Corporate and Civil Litigation Cases


Houston attorneys at Porter Powers handle appellate claims for plaintiffs and defendants. This practice area allows our clients to maintain relief they have obtained at trial, as well as seek different outcomes when trial courts make mistakes during the initial litigation.

Furthermore, our scrutiny of appellate issues allows us to preserve error and present evidence at the trial level that assures its clients the best possible outcome at the appellate level.


At Porter Powers, our clients benefit from and appreciate our hands-on approach in managing their complex business litigation cases. Our reputation for thorough, personalized representation aside, we come to the table with an aggressive approach to outperform and defeat our usually larger opposition. Houston attorneys at Porter Powers have experience representing clients in the following types of disputes:

  • Owners and property managers
  • Developers, builders, and contractor
  • Lenders, realtors, and title companies
  • Real estate investment trust (REITs)
  • Residential and commercial property associations
  • Buyers and sellers in varied transactions and disputes, ranging from single-family residences to multi-million-dollar commercial properties

Commercial and business litigation cases are complex by nature. An attorney with extensive experience in this area can help you negotiate the process.

The attorneys at Porter Powers have represented both plaintiffs and defendants, preparing each case with attention to detail and using our knowledge and insight to benefit our clients.


Porter Powers devotes a significant portion of its practice to representing individuals who have been injured by others. This practice includes representing victims of medical malpractice, vehicle accidents, employment disputes, and defamation claims involving libel and slander relating to individuals and businesses.

Our aggressive and meticulous approach allows us to overcome the defenses asserted by our typically large defendants and their sophisticated defense counsel.


Houston attorneys at Porter Powers routinely represent lending institutions as creditor’s counsel and defend lenders’ actions. Porter Powers has experience enforcing a lender’s rights, including enforcing liens against real and personal property and Article 9 transactions, as well as establishing and protecting lien priority in bankruptcy court.

In addition, Houston attorneys at Porter Powers defend lending institutions in contract, tort, and fiduciary claims.


Houston attorneys at Porter Powers routinely represent businesses and individuals in disputes with their insurance companies regarding policy coverage and insurance companies’ failure to properly and timely pay legitimate claims.

In Texas, insurance companies are well-funded, and insurance policies are often written in a way to prevent company liability. The attorneys at Porter Powers are experienced in forcing insurance companies to fulfill the obligations contained in their coverage contracts.